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Cate Blanchett as Carol.

The Majors Did you notice that this year you actually got to see some lesbian flicks outside of the LGBT film festival circuit? We know how hard that can be, which is why we are giving you are ultimate number one pick, and our reasonings.

Lesbian and bisexual women should be approximately When the site started, the handful of lesbian characters on TV tended to be bit parts, or characters with brief story arcs.

More you may like. Very sexy girls with big boobs. Jean shorts were optional. More you may like. The LGBT community has a large purchasing power that can be tapped with tie-ins to branding.

The Pink Dollar is worth chasing. Afterellen lesbian movies. Lesbian and bisexual characters have been the subject of several major studio movies in the last 15 years Disobedience in theaters April 27Monster, The Kids Are All Right, and Caroltoo. The film takes these unlikely elements and a minuscule budget and manages to be not just darkly hilarious, but genuinely sweet. Natasha plays Martha, a hotel maid and lesbian with a crush on a straight girl. It also focuses on her relationship with Marilyn Barnett, which eventually became tabloid fodder.

Will any of them escape? Freeheld Inwe only suspected that Ellen Page was one of us. Combining insightful present day interviews with a wealth of news clips, photographs, and archival footage of their powerful, witty, heartfelt and moving rebuttals to the vitriol spouted by their colleagues in the assembly chamber, you will be engrossed by the achievements of these formidable women.

T Kimberly Elise as they plot to go on a bank-robbing spree for four very different reasons. Hot naked swedish. Want to read more? Unafraid to show every moment of awkwardness involved in a first love affair, A Winter to Remember is also a film preoccupied with beauty.

And it was the first time I saw a lesbian story onscreen that I could relate to. No lesbians reveal themselves as psychopaths. If Bury Your Gays is finally, ahem, buried, then have we reached the pinnacle of representation?

Let me know in the comments below! Princess Cyd Release Date: The pretty new, and pretty spectacular Swedish movie, Kyss Mig. Sally The Actress and Ruth The Politician are the beautiful lesbian couple having a secret affair out of the spotlight. How about the big names attached to these projects? Need I say more?

For one, I firmly disagree. The Party Release Date: More you may like.

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This is in no small part due to the transnational nature of lesbian and bisexual viewers. In a sea of lesbian films that are often repetitive, Thelma explores analytical territory that none other has before.

Lez Dish It Out! Drama When I was in my teens, I watched a lot of films where a girl would leave her hometown for July and find true summer love.

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What about awesome community, supportive friends, and, well, a really rad sex life? So how can this happen? A radical feminist group, operating under the guise of school for wayward girls, is plotting to overthrow the patriarchy and usher in a new female world order through lesbian sex.

More you may like. Milf in silk lingerie. The two begin an affair and Tala begins to question her sexuality you see what I mean about those past engagements not working out but Layla ends the relationship after Tala messes up.

Another seizure nearly occurs, which causes the lights above them to sway and flicker. Afterellen lesbian movies. More you may like. What movies on this list did you like? It is in essence a multi-film credit line. This repression is the cause of her seizures, which also trigger mysterious — and occasionally dangerous — supernatural abilities.

I was beyond excited because one evening was devoted to lesbian movies and shorts. Where do I sign up? The pair embark on a relationship and Laura soon becomes obsessed, convincing Eva to run away with her after a particularly bad fight with her mother.

Any movie where the girl gets the girl, the money and a new truck is my kind of flick. The worst lesbian movie ever By Trish Bendix. The moment when Thelma grasps her freedom is beautiful.

We witness them grapple with the changing dynamics of their relationship as they learn to live for a million happy nows, in the face of an unexpected future. Sexy cowgirl porno. Lucy played by AE fave Ellen Page is taking part in a protest against the death penalty when she meets Mercy, a vocal advocate for capital punishment.

Instead, these events are used to take the audience on the journey of her eventual courageousness. Starring Lauren Bedford Russell. I might get a lot of flack for this, but my least-favorite-of-all-times lesbian flick is Kissing Jessica Stein. Because lesbian-centric movies are unlikely to attract other debt financing such as pre-sales or negative pickup deals, that leaves a cabal of wealthy investors as the best case scenario for how to get more women loving women content pushed forward in a high-quality way.

Tilly as pair have some serious chemistry, and I love the new noir story. More you may like. Let me know in the comments! Can you sway us?

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