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KJ used to work as a health care assistent but stopped and never went back to it once she worked out she could live off the money she got from prints and Twitch.

That would at least give her some worth. Thought i'd have some fun and thats what i got back. Sexy cougar milf porn. People who realize their personality isn't interesting enough and who need to draw in guys with their assets on display and who then complain nobody wants to date them.

Im really interested in this thread, as ive seen her on twitter before - but I severely underestimated the kind of shit she's done.

And if they do comment on them, so what? Looking back, she ended up doing what she seemed to always end up doing, which is showing her covered tits on camera and get people to fawn over her. Ivy doomkitty naked. All you need to do is speak to her to know she has a serious attitude problem. What's the underside of that rock you've been living under look like? So they have to pay to taunt her with it? Anons have reason to not trust you.

That bit was what I remembered. Anyway, here's the nurse outfit she denies she used for camwhoring sessions. There is also an enormous divide between North and South, and because London is situated very firmly in the South that's where all of the money circulates. Oh except when people point out her tits are plastic. Shemale fucking a girl porn. That's why most people who get implants do have them removed eventually. I personally don't mind leafy too much, I just hope if that does happen he'll just see her as a pair of tits and roast her.

I remember feeling real bad for Miyu but it did make for a hilarious trainwreck with Kelly blabbing and outing herself as the least trustworthy person in all of cosplay. As much as she is drama filled in do not think that it's her. New accounts will get banned in a heartbeat but if you've been around a while and making them money, they let it all slide.

He's been spotted at cons but I can't remember him posting a cosplay photo or any cosplayer talked about working with him any time in the last year or so. Some old school and some newer, but they are the centre of it. If he goes ahead with this I wouldn't be surprised if we start to see some civil unrest in the UK.

I can only assume what is posted about me so wildly and extremely passes the no drama rule that this has become a thing. Someone should report her if possible. And looking at charts UK isn't nowhere NEAR the top highest tax rates when looking at the average income tax rate ranking. The whole country is bankrupt because the tax income wasn't enough so they had to fund their life style with loan money.

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GIF for the next time she claims she's not got implants. Nude pof pics. And I know she photoshops the shit out of herself but why would anyone shoop their ribs in if they didn't have some type of ED or BD syndrome? She fucks around a whole bunch but didn't allow him to do the same and kept him paying for everything for her and looking out for her under threats of breaking up with him for good if he didn't support her.

I am not getting in the photo for peoples amusement, fuck that. Most recently she swapped her padded bras for a boob job but continues to claim she's all-natural and kicks up a stink when ever somebody suggest they're plastic.

When I talk to my Swedish friends about the conditions here and the places I've had to live and the things I';ve experienced they actually cannot believe it; they are astounded because everybody likes to think of the UK as being this grand, noble, rich country.

She was already rather top heavy, she didn't need to make it worse. Other parts are what I've gathered from various Anonymous sites over the years. All of those things are just too much for her.

I don't act coquettish, I don't push my tits with my elbows, I don't fish for sympathy and guys just leave me the fuck alone and they comment on my skill only.

How can you not see that the poster claiming to be "Kelly" hasn't even made a clear indication that it's even her? Now she only does shoots with no name togs hired by the companies when she models. That's also why Kelly and Yaya Han fell out. Ivy doomkitty naked. Makes me think if her Mum thinks they look fine, i know mine would murder me if i PAID for someone to make me look like that.

I get the Kelly is a grown ass woman but she lives at home with her mother, you'd think she would step in on stuff like this. You're just fueling the rageboners by saying such ridiculous shit. If she stopped pretending to be so naive and owned her trashiness I'd have a hundred times more respect for her, it would no longer be funny to see her fail, and I bet guys wouldn't treat her as disposably too. Big tits big bras. She wouldn't have the time to do anything else until she found a job, I don't think she's claiming benefits… Not JSA at least and she can't claim income support, sooo.

Each one of them thinks they're the mastermind. But I don't really fancy rushing around sorting my books out months before I have to because some people online want to make my life Hell for no reason. What happened at Ayacon? You market yourself like that and people with treat you like that.

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I was in the League of Legends video despite a less than amicable relationship with SZ because it was not filmed or organised by them, not because I am going back on how I feel on the matter. Maybe it's different in the US, but not everyone lives in 'murica although you guys do like to think so.

You can tell how much he loved his twitch job and I know its entirely his fault for being banned, but the twitch staff are fucked up anyway. Oh except when people point out her tits are plastic. Things like her working at a strip club or the rumour she's actually gay. Lesbian nurse sex stories. There's no 'source' because we speak to each other in person.

So she writes this big rant about how she's been screwing a married man and now his wife has found out and on top of that Kelly has heard there were three other girls screwing him on the side too so she wasn't even his only affair. If we're laughing at something that effected you that badly then I guess I'm sorry to you, Anon, but I ain't sorry to KJ.

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