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Nude bungee jumping

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Of course it was just a bit of voyeurism but to pay bt for that amount of publicity for your business; I am thinking of a similar stunt myself now.

Being the risk-taker that I am some just call me stupid! Facebook Twitter Pinterest Flipboard. Joe G Bowen April 29, Joseph Marc Bruyere May 7, One of those adventure sports is nude bungee jumping where nude bungee jumping is done to raise funds for mental health. Sexy girl video tumblr. A running backflip was the perfect end to the day. Where are the boobs? Kim March 2, at 7: Wat een geest en wat perfecte presentatie.

Nude bungee jumping

We hope she will keep on making people laugh as well as come to our area in the near future. Nude bungee jumping. Sign in Already have an account? The ground came closer and I swear we just barely brushed it. I can only imagine the looks on the faces of those random strangers watching you. We are in our 80s so can easily relate to things swinging and swaying.

Both so cool in very different ways. Fair play mate, fair play! Thank you for ur inspiration Reply. Sexy movie hindi xxx. Carylin March 18, He said he could do nothing but to help her putting the bathrobe back on after the jump. Jeremy September 18, at 3: Save your favorite stories for future reference.

Increase in adventure sports for fundraising purposes With people getting attracted to fund-raising events for civic or health issues, many industries are coming up with several ideas to raise funds for a noble cause through sports activities. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. This article inspired me to to do the Nevis Bungy three times, Twice in my underwear warm up and then one naked, twice on the Nevis swing in my underwear, topless on the ledge bungy and the ledge swing.

Such a good time! The development of web portals and the rise in internet affordability have led to a tremendous increase in the demand for adventure tourism. DJ April 26, 1: Adam July 10, at 9: Very well delivered humorous story! I hope your photos are way awesome and not nearly as embarrassing as mine!

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Wish I could see you in person. Priscilla faia lesbian. Chanel Cultural Xplorer July 15, at 7: You are a funny, funny lady.

Jeremy September 6, at Of course the right to free speech in not totally free here. Many adventure sports enthusiasts are taking up this challenge for the noble cause.

Register a new account. We hope she will keep on making people laugh as well as come to our area in the near future.

Jeremy August 31, at People always want to hear about it and see the photos too, so great conversation starter. Jeremy Foster July 19, at 8: With one jump left, though, the day isn't quite over. Nude bungee jumping. Maybe not naked though. If you are interested in more information, please contact our media team at media technavio. He said he could do nothing but to help her putting the bathrobe back on after the jump. I agree to Terms of service. Wild milf pussy. Already have an account? My son-in-law once ran a bungee jumping business from a hot air ballon, not any more, too many broken bones.

Frenchman stabbed to death by Thai at Bangkok guest house after intervening in argument. Beverley July 10, at This is too hilarious! The 10 Best Hostels in Australia: Kim March 2, at 7: Should've let her dangle for an hour or so.

Would love to see you perform. I chose the latter and went for the gainer! Wat een geest en wat perfecte presentatie.

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You are a funny, funny lady. Sexy cougar xxx. Zoie blair March 1, 9: Newest way for Bangkok taxis to overcharge you: It occurred to me that the longer I were to stand there, the more I would frighten myself. Others still wavered, fearing the jump, imagining what would surely become their demise.

Of course, as I approached the ledge, I second, third and fourth-guessed myself. Asian lesbian secretary I did it, and I loved it! Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

We live 60 miles north of Nanaimo and have often stopped there and watched the bungee jumping. Booking Sites For the smart traveler. Commitment to oneself, to overcoming fears, to letting go of everything we once knew and creating a new perception of ourselves.

You put it well — it was all about conquering fear. Emily Michelle April 9, at Morgan Sullivan November 6, at 8:

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